Monday, March 21, 2011

Windsurfing 2011

It has been more than 12 months since my surgery and I was excited to try again my big sail in this cold and powerful Amihan wind.  This season is windy and I was excited to sail again.

Feeling my renewed strength, I rigged my 8.2 sail and headed out.
The wind was at 18-20 knots gusting up to 25.  I used to have no problem handling this before but today, I wasn't feeling that well.  I had a hard time hooking up and footstrapping.  I fell a couple of times and it was so difficult uphauling or waterstarting.  I guess I have to be back to square one to have that "feel for the water and the wind" again.
After 5 or so times beam reaching, my arms were sore and my legs were tired.

And the most difficult revelation: I seem to not enjoy windsurfing that much anymore.  Hence, the sport will be at the bottom of my priority list for the time being.  I know it is temporary but I seem to like triathlon (that finding the perfect balance training for swimming, cycling and running) more. :-(

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