Monday, March 21, 2011

My Birthday Run

It's been months since I updated this blog due to work and other commitments yet I feel compelled to write about three things since my last entry: my birthday run, my first windsurfing this year and race reports.

Dec. 19, 2010 -- the 12th month since Kingking and I got bitten by the running bug.  Since January 2010, we enjoyed the running boom in Cebu and met new and fantastic running friends.   Come January 2011, we will be celebrating our first runniversary and it is but fitting to do it with a bang: our first full marathon.

My 33rd birthday is a Sunday, exactly 3 weeks to go for the Cebu City Marathon 2011.  Most of the running programs schedule this day as the peak training day in terms of distance.  Hence, this would be the perfect day to celebrate my 33rd birthday by running 1km for every year of existence which coincides also with the longest run as suggested by the training program.

15 friends from our running group, "Ungo og dagan", a group that runs every Friday night, showed up.  The route is from Consolacion (KM 13) to Catmon (KM 46), a scenic coastal road.  Being a beach bum myself, the finish line is at our favorite beach resort in Catmon with some beach foods waiting.
We stopped at the customary kilometer marking to mark my birthday.  Actually, we did food stops when there are interesting foods or drinks such as Buko Juice in Liloan, Ensaymada at Julie's bakeshop, Bananas, Bibingka, etc, etc.  The abundant ATM's (automatic tubig machine) is also a welcome treat for runners as we only have to shell out Php1.00 for a 250ml hydration.  I still carry though my hydration belt with powdered gatorade as I am very particular with the hydration/nutrition in my runs (8oz of fluid every 10-15 minutes, 40-60g of carbohydrates every hour, + sodium and potassium).

After 5 or so hours, we reached the town of Catmon. 

The finish line:

...and the post-run nutrition:

Special thanks to my sister, brother and brother-in-law for preparing the food and bringing the van.  As I was driving back to consolacion, I couln't help but smile how far we did travel that day.

'Till next year guys. :-)

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