Monday, March 21, 2011

Dayo Triathlon

After CCM, I got the chance to train again for a triathlon event in 4 weeks.  I haven't swum in almost 2 months and my cycling was limited.  I got myself a roadbike in late December but could not ride her yet.  I was afraid that a petty accident could ruin our 3-month marathon training.

The DAYO Triathlon is a sprint distance event organized by sugbutriathlon and sponsored by the Dayo brothers (Cebuano triathletes who are now residing abroad.)  This will be the maiden triathlon race of my new roadie: BAZINGA (a Kona Zing road bike).

Learning from the mistakes of my previous triathlon, I was more confident joining this event.  With no speed training, I targeted a very conservative time of 1:30, broken down into a 20-minute swim (2:40 min/100m), 40-minute bike (30kph) and a 30-minute run (6 min/km)

With strong winds that day, the water was choppy and most were swimming slower than usual.  I enjoyed it though.

The swim leg exit was a beach full of rocks so one should be very careful.
The bike leg was a 2-loop rolling terrain with very strong headwind.  At one point, I was descending at  50KPH but a side headwind almost knocked me over.
Then there's the run leg and I felt that core muscle pain again.  Later on I realized that I was too tensed during the bike leg.  Relax man...

Disregarding the pain in my body, I attempted to do a "jump" shot before crossing the finish line.  Kingking marvelously captured the moment.

I finished the event in 1:32.  I did not reach my target but we had fun, which I believe is the very reason why we joined this sport.  Next event will be on April 3: The Speedo National Age Group Triathlon.

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