Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Holy Week 2010

I always love holidays, especially the holy week. It is a much needed break from our daily jobs and responsibilities. During this year's holy week, I managed to squeeze the two great activities that I enjoy: running and windsurfing plus a basketball game in between. I felt really awesome....and sore. :-)

The week started on Palm Sunday with a 12k Citirun race, starting at Waterfront Hotel Lahug, to JY square, to UP Cebu, to the Provincial Capitol, to Jones Avenue, rounding at Normal University and back. Kingking started ahead with a quicker pace, a full minute per kilometer than me.

(Thanks to Mr. Estan Cabigas for the picture, posted at his fb site)

I, on the other hand, enjoyed running with my 50-year friend Audie. He is my teammate for years now in our annual PICPA basketball tournament. This is his first 12k run so we are just pacing slowly. Well, even without him, I would still want to run slow.

My knees felt pain & were inflamed at Km 10. Well, what do I expect? They are supporting all 190lbs (85 kg) of me and they were only trained for around 2 months yet. I hope in time, they will adapt to the stresses of running while my body will try to lose those unwanted fats that adds to the knees' struggle. Running though gives you endorphins and the feeling is very rewarding. So even with the painful knees, wild breathing and exhaustion, I still managed to smile.
On Holy Tuesday, we played basketball at our subdivision's gym when my neighbor invited me. The game was rough as we were playing guys from the Philippine Navy. These boys never stopped running and are very competitive. My legs were fried after the game and have numerous brown spots in my arms. Well, no harm, no foul.

On Holy Wednesday, we went to the mall to check out some shoes. Runners recommend at least two different shoes so more leg and foot muscles are developed. I felt the need to get a highly cushioned shoe which led me to the New Balance 1063. I was lucky to find it at Athlete's Foot Ayala Cebu, with a 30% discount as an updated model is already available.
The black/yellow combination is a perfect match to my Oakley Livestrong Radar Path sunglasses, which also has the same color scheme. Add the Nike 2-in-1 black shorts with yellow side band and Nike Drifit black with yellow accent singlet and nothing is out of style. I wasn't this fashionista before I took up running. Now, it's time to get a New Balance singlet to go together with the shoes. Or maybe an Adidas Climacool top will also be perfect so I will have different brands (a la chopsuey) for my running outfit. (ewww...)

Anyway, the shoes were tested on that Holy Wednesday afternoon at IT Park. I experienced mild pain in my plantar fascia region after 7k but I believe this is normal for a new running shoe. Heck, the recommended first run is somewhere like 3k but it was my first time at IT Park so I got carried away.

Maundy Thursday was lazy day and we resumed activities on Good Friday. It was oven-hot outside and the perfect activity would be? BEACH!!! Most Catholics believe that God is dead during this time so they stay away from any activity. This simply means that there are less people at the beach.

We tried this SUP thing. SUP is Stand Up Paddle surfing and it's supposed to be fun. Well, it is, except that due to a smaller board, it's very hard for a big bloke like me. It's like I was learning to ride the board again. It was a good leg workout though.

The seabreeze start to come in around noon. This happens when land is heated up more than the water creating a lower pressure. Since high goes to low, air at sea moves to land creating WIND! It was just a mild 8-10 knots but enough to get back even with a smaller sail. I rigged immediately while Mizuki keenly watched.

Cruising at sea on this oven-hot day is a great privilege. The enjoyment and feeling of happiness is second to none.
The sail I am using is still Kingking's, a 5.5 Neilpryde Solo. My 8.2 Neilpryde Saber is still in storage because I am not confident yet of my inguinal canal. I will be using it at the first sign of the windy season. Since the start of this global warming thing, the weather is not following the seasons anymore. I am almost certain that there will be a tropical depression or even a storm at summer. In MAY! Mind you, it did happen two years ago. :-)