Sunday, August 21, 2011

August Windsurfing

A good day at the beach in August is a hit-or-miss thing.  It's Habagat (Southwesterly wind) season and with the ITCZ in Central Visayas, it's either raining or raining hard or raining hard with lightning.

But my above average weather-forecasting instincts served me well over the past years.  Conditions required: A low pressure or typhoon Northwest or Northeast of Cebu, high clouds in the morning, slight breeze at home, high tide and not a weekend (the lesser people at the beach, the better)

Thus, when I found out that such conditions existed, a vacation leave was immediately filed.  When the required cloud height and breeze showed up, I immediately loaded the gears and we're off to the beach.

The high tide was great.  It's sunny and what better way to even out those cycling shorts tan lines than to wear swim briefs! :-)
Wind was 10-15 knots South with gusts up to 18 knots.  Kingking did not have problems controlling them with her 5.5m sail. 

Mizuki and Geri were also there showing two different personalities (or doggonalities). Geri barks at the wave and runs back, frightened to get her paws wet.
On the other hand, Mizuki keenly observes the windsurer.

Starts swimming offshore.

And see if she can catch up with the windsurfer for that once-in-a-bluemoon windsurf ride.
She carefully calculates if she wont be able to catch the board, she still has enough energy to go back.  If in doubt, just swim back.

Since we only have the car to carry the rigs this time, we only brought Kingking's 5.5m sail.  I was amazed that at times, my 80kg body planed on this small sail.  Did I lose weight?

Jibing continued to be a problem though. :-(  If I can't jibe, I can never join a race.

The day ended with some photo-ops: Mizuki's chasing of the bird.
..and Kingking's shampoo commercial.


Aboitiz Marathon


A marathon is a 42KM run (or jog or walk or crawl).  It's a stupid sport but certainly not for the stupid.  Joining a marathon without adequate training is stupid.

But I want to be stupid.  I want to join an ultramarathon (the 100K challenge) and I figured if I can get away with doing a 42K with the training that I have, I think I can survive the 100K.


July-August were race months.  I dont know how or why but we ended up joining weekend races for 5 straight weeks, thus, the training will just be a track training on Tuesdays and a long run on weekends.  Simple, right?

Tuesdays would be interval or tempo or negative-split or whatever-comes-into-my-mind run.
Week 1 was capped by a Chinabank 12K weekend fun run.  My time was 1:14.
Week 2 was the triathlon run.  Time on 10K was 1:15.  (of course, after a 1.5K swim and a 40K bike)

Week 3 was the POGS 15K run.  Time was 1:34.
Week 4 was the Maasin Half-Marathon.  Time was 2:23.

With 4-weeks of training, I am ready for a marathon, right?

Well, I did finish the marathon but was reduced to walking at KM 25 & up and everytime I started and restarted running, my leg muscles would tighten up.  Lack of mileage would be my convenient diagnosis for such.  Time was more than 6 hours, inclusive of fun walks, race walks, three food stops & constant thinking of "Why am I doing this?"

Well, it was supposed to be a psychological training to prepare myself for the 100K challenge.  If walking would not be a problem, I will survive.

But, walking is a problem for me.  I don't enjoy it.

Thus, for now, no ULTRAMARATHON for me.  It will make my life simpler.  I will just be training for the Singapore 70.3 Ironman in March.  The three Summit Triathlon Series (Olympic Distance) in Oct, Nov, & Jan will be great fitness exams.

1st Mayor Moonyeen Durano Triathlon Cup, Sogod, Cebu

The challenges of training

In June, I structured my training to do at least two sports on the same week.  With a full-time job, travel necessities, health, house chores, it was more of a challenge.  Whenever I have to choose, I was just marking priority days, for example, Tuesday is a priority day for running at the track as my running group meets at this day (we call ourselves the Tuesday Group) and a Saturday bike-run brick.

It also helps to have an incoming race to aim at, thus, I was amazed to hear that an Olympic Distance Triathlon is scheduled in a month.  The distance encompasses a 1.5K swim, a 40K bike ride & a 10K run.

The plan

The plan was simple: take it easy.  I want to run when the run leg comes.  I am capable of running a 6min/km 10K.  A 7min/km run would still be an improvement over my previous triathlon.

The race

The race was graced by no other than the town CEO, Mayor Moonyeen Durano.  Unlike other politicians who only stays at a sporting event as long as their speeches, Mayor Moonyeen was there up to the awarding (some 5-6 hours later).

Except that the transition area is so cramped, the race was very well organized.  We had fun at the area before the race officially started.
 This was Bazinga's 4th triathlon and her first Olympic Distance. :-)

The swim leg was a one-way trip to the buoy and back at the white sandy beaches of Sogod.  I will never ever join a race that does not feature a good beach. :-) (Maybe, I'll make an exception later but for now, that statement will stand)
I was taking it very easy on the swim and I was one of the late swim finishers of the leg. :-)

The bike leg was nice but tiresome as there were four downhills followed by uphills (of course).  At the through were bridges, thus we have to slow down.  This takes the momentum out and thus, the leg (pun intended) was indeed painful.  The rain did not help also as I was using dry lubes and when it poured, I can almost feel my chain almost giving up, thus I have to slow down at the last loop.  (Lesson learned: always watch the forecast, even if you're not windsurfing).

The run leg was a one-way trip, from sea level to a higher level.  I was feeling great, and the iPod was really of great help.  As expected, I was doing around 7min/km but I was happy that indeed I could still jog at the end of a 1.5K swim and a 40K bike ride.


Of course, this race wouldn't end without Adz' signature flying finish.  My photographer, yaya, driver, fiance marvelously captured this moment again.

I love triathlons!