Thursday, June 4, 2009

The first taste of Habagat

It's Tuesday, I am on vacation leave, I am still high because of last Saturday's victory, I have fully recovered from the flu and the Habagat is here. Life is good! What more could you ask for?

I waited for Kingking to arrive from her 36-hour hospital duty and we headed to the beach at around 1PM. Windguru registered 20 knots, constantly increasing every 3 hours. It was oven hot outside so I put a modest amount of sunscreen while still at the house.

As expected, the beach is flat as an ironing board. Liloan is at the east side of Cebu so the SW wind is offshore. It was howling and you can see that the coconut trees are swaying wildly.
Yet, I was disappointed. Wind was very gusty, very shifty and inconsistent at best. I can't even go back to where I launched. The most planing I got was around 30 seconds. The picture shows the periodic gusts as seen on the water.
But well, what was I thinking? Offshore winds are never reliable.
But hey, at least Mizuki found serenity at the beach.

...until two creatures came declaring her frienemies:

Big mistake, children! Mizuki loves the water so you cannot just go to the water for protection, thinking she would stop. LOL

I am already looking for alternative beaches for this SW Habagat wind. I am thinking of Cordova which is protected by a reef and having a clear SW view but it's not a recreational beach area so there might be fish nets. Hey, they are working and I am playing so they should have the right of way.

Another might be Tabuelan and Moalboal, both at the west side of the island. They have good beaches and protected reefs so I can finally train for that carve jibe I so long.

So, next schedule will be June 20, in time for my fencing construction to be finished.