Sunday, August 21, 2011

August Windsurfing

A good day at the beach in August is a hit-or-miss thing.  It's Habagat (Southwesterly wind) season and with the ITCZ in Central Visayas, it's either raining or raining hard or raining hard with lightning.

But my above average weather-forecasting instincts served me well over the past years.  Conditions required: A low pressure or typhoon Northwest or Northeast of Cebu, high clouds in the morning, slight breeze at home, high tide and not a weekend (the lesser people at the beach, the better)

Thus, when I found out that such conditions existed, a vacation leave was immediately filed.  When the required cloud height and breeze showed up, I immediately loaded the gears and we're off to the beach.

The high tide was great.  It's sunny and what better way to even out those cycling shorts tan lines than to wear swim briefs! :-)
Wind was 10-15 knots South with gusts up to 18 knots.  Kingking did not have problems controlling them with her 5.5m sail. 

Mizuki and Geri were also there showing two different personalities (or doggonalities). Geri barks at the wave and runs back, frightened to get her paws wet.
On the other hand, Mizuki keenly observes the windsurer.

Starts swimming offshore.

And see if she can catch up with the windsurfer for that once-in-a-bluemoon windsurf ride.
She carefully calculates if she wont be able to catch the board, she still has enough energy to go back.  If in doubt, just swim back.

Since we only have the car to carry the rigs this time, we only brought Kingking's 5.5m sail.  I was amazed that at times, my 80kg body planed on this small sail.  Did I lose weight?

Jibing continued to be a problem though. :-(  If I can't jibe, I can never join a race.

The day ended with some photo-ops: Mizuki's chasing of the bird.
..and Kingking's shampoo commercial.


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