Sunday, August 21, 2011

Aboitiz Marathon


A marathon is a 42KM run (or jog or walk or crawl).  It's a stupid sport but certainly not for the stupid.  Joining a marathon without adequate training is stupid.

But I want to be stupid.  I want to join an ultramarathon (the 100K challenge) and I figured if I can get away with doing a 42K with the training that I have, I think I can survive the 100K.


July-August were race months.  I dont know how or why but we ended up joining weekend races for 5 straight weeks, thus, the training will just be a track training on Tuesdays and a long run on weekends.  Simple, right?

Tuesdays would be interval or tempo or negative-split or whatever-comes-into-my-mind run.
Week 1 was capped by a Chinabank 12K weekend fun run.  My time was 1:14.
Week 2 was the triathlon run.  Time on 10K was 1:15.  (of course, after a 1.5K swim and a 40K bike)

Week 3 was the POGS 15K run.  Time was 1:34.
Week 4 was the Maasin Half-Marathon.  Time was 2:23.

With 4-weeks of training, I am ready for a marathon, right?

Well, I did finish the marathon but was reduced to walking at KM 25 & up and everytime I started and restarted running, my leg muscles would tighten up.  Lack of mileage would be my convenient diagnosis for such.  Time was more than 6 hours, inclusive of fun walks, race walks, three food stops & constant thinking of "Why am I doing this?"

Well, it was supposed to be a psychological training to prepare myself for the 100K challenge.  If walking would not be a problem, I will survive.

But, walking is a problem for me.  I don't enjoy it.

Thus, for now, no ULTRAMARATHON for me.  It will make my life simpler.  I will just be training for the Singapore 70.3 Ironman in March.  The three Summit Triathlon Series (Olympic Distance) in Oct, Nov, & Jan will be great fitness exams.

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