Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Thrilled for the week's forecast

It's been weeks since I've been lurking at windguru hoping to find a glimpse of wind. Now the long wait has ended (hopefully).

Friday is a holiday in Cebu and wind starts to pick-up in the afternoon. I am very excited since the last time I get to use my big sail was still 11 months ago, right before my surgery. This Friday will also be an off-day for my running.

In the unlikely event that I'll get skunked at the beach, I will just be doing some open water swimming to cross train, hence I won't lose the preparations I am doing for the Milo Half-Marathon next month.

The forecast also showed no low cloud cover so this could mean high wind, no rain and no lightning. Another great news!

Windfinder also have a windy forecast in Visayas. Two reliable forecasting websites can't be wrong at the same time, I suppose so let's gear up!

See you at the beach! Boomshaka!

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