Monday, February 1, 2010

Post Op Windsurfing

It's been 5 months since I updated this blog. I had surgery last October 1 to have my inguinal hernia repaired. While not classified as emergency yet, my physician/fiance advised to have the surgery asap due to the type of activities that I am into. Nevertheless, the experience was much more enjoyable than I expected. (well, at least compared to my last surgery 15 years ago when I broke my left arm due to basketball) The recovery period was challenging. There was no definite time when I can resume my physical activities. The doctor ordered no contact sports and heavy lifting for 4 weeks. So, on the 5th week, I tried basketball but played very lightly. On the 8th week, I tried windsurfing but felt pain for 10 days! I was scared of re-occurrence and promised myself to rest for 8 weeks more. I just continued the light basketball games.

This is the 16th week so Kingking, Mizuki and I went to the beach but brought only the smaller sail (resisting temptation to bring the bigger sail which would require much effort). If you want to avoid the beach crowd, head to the beach on a weekday. You can almost have the whole stretch by yourself. We were there last Wednesday, sunny, high tide at noon with 10-12 knots of cold Amihan wind: perfect for my comeback!

Felt good to be back at the ocean again!

As expected, Mizuki is always trailing me, hoping to hop into the board.

So, I let her ride with me.

Like me, she also gained weight.

But she still has the balance.

She must have missed the beach as she was really enjoying every minute of it.

One thing she likes? Running behind children.

...especially if they run also. :-)

Kingking's turn to sail.

Mizuki challenges her.

Wind power vs. Paw power.

Guess who won?

Mizuki must have thought "I'm gonna get you, next time!"

We also sold our old superzoom camera and got ourselves a Digital SLR. In time, we hope we can improve our photography skills.


  1. Hi,

    Great blog.
    It makes me feel like checking my own windsurfing gear (not used for 5 years now...)



  2. Thanks. Where do you sail before?

  3. I used to sail in France,

    Since I'm in the Philippines I didn't sail anymore.
    I thought it would be perfect here, so I had my board and sail shipped over, but had a hard time finding a good spot here in cebu city. (All beaches look like private, or inaccessible) Also, there is not so much wind most of the time(except during typhoons:-).

    I also need winds/currents that don't risk to drift me too far offshore. I changed my surfboard from a "big boat" to a small one, so I still have problems starting sometimes.

  4. Wind is not a problem here during the "season". Last year was really great, having consistent 15-20 knots going on for days.

    If you are in Cebu City, the nearest would be in Liloan, which is 15km north.

    Contact me sometime so we can windsurf together. My cellphone is 09173217091. Although, since summer is approaching, there wont be enough wind.

  5. Great, Liloan is not that far. Waiting till after the summer will not be a big problem : I'll have a daughter next month (well, my gf will) so we will probably not have much time the coming months anyway.
    But I will surely contact you after the summer.



  6. Wow! Congrats on the new daughter! :-)

    Might be checking the beach this weekend since forecast seems favorable.